REV2010 using the UTC Distillation Column

After you have read these instructions, use Internet Explorer, go to

Step 1:  Install the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 7.1 - Windows/2000/NT/XP

(click on that link, click on LVRunTimeEng.exe You may be asked to register;
it is free and you won't be spammed. Download and then install.)

Step 2;  Once you install the proper Internet Explorer plug-in, you will see a panel like the one below.
Enter the information as indicated at the circles.

1. Put in your name like this: REV-2010-Lynn-Doe (Use your name with hyphens)
2. Put in the Reflux Percent you want and put in the Reboiler Power you want
3. Put in some plan for your experiment.
4. Click start

Suggestions for a starting place:
A.     If the column is "cold," you will have to warm up everything. This takes about 15-30 minutes.
  a.      Put in your name, your plan ("Warm-up") and 3000 Watts and click "Start" 
  b.     Run until the trays have all been heated up (to at least 70 degrees)
B. Decide what Reflux Percent (Suggestions: 40%, 70% or 90%) you want, set the Feed-Pump to zero and click "Start"

Once you open the distillation control panel, left-click on the panel image.  You may see a small yellow box in the middle that says "Control Granted." If you donot see it, right-click on the panel image and choose "Take control" if it is available to you.  Once you have taken control, your computer (and you) have control of the distillation column for 3 hours.  If you close that browser window or go away from that window, you lose control if there is someone else waiting.  So: DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER WINDOW WHILE YOU ARE RUNNING AN EXPERIMENT.

The experiments will run for 15 minutes.  You can change Reflux Percent or Reboiler Watts at any time in the run.
If you want to run for longer than 15 minutes, you may immediately click [START] after the preceding run is completed. You may do this as often as you wish.

Example runs are at First 15-minute run (the reboiler is heated to about 80 degrees)
and Second 15-minute run (where the reboiler starts boiling and trays 12, 11, ... 6 are heated up)
and Third 15-minute run (where, at about 8 minutes, you see all the column is up to operating temperature).

To analyze the experiment you will need

A. the initial volume of the mixture in the reboiler
B. the initial concentration of the mixture in the reboiler
C. the distillate flow rate as a function of time, d(t)
D. the distillate composition as a function of time, y(t)
E. the reboiler composition as a function of time, x(t)

A. and B. will need to be given to you by the operator or you can request your desired values of the operator.
C. can be calculated by you  as shown on this page
D. and E. are to be calculated by you from the (assumed) vapor-liquid equilibrium temperatures at those points

To watch Live Video, click here /Labs/Videocams.htm