Distillation control panel

UTChattanooga Distillation System

REV2010 Procedure
1 -- Enter your name and school in the "User Name" box
2 -- Put the Reflux to 100%. Put the Feed Setting at 0
3 -- Put the Reboiler Heat at 3000 Watts.
4 -- Enter name: REV2010-Name  (either student name or team name)
5 -- Enter "Plan of Experiment "
6 -- Click START
7 -- Heat the column up until the entire column is hot.
8 -- Change the Reboiler heat to the assigned Reboiler Watts
9 -- Wait until you observe that the column is a steady state
10 -- Change the reflux % to your assigned reflux %
11 -- Observe tray 1 temperature and distillate pumped volume until the tray 1 temperature approaches 100 degrees
12 -- Click STOP

VERY NEW -- Watch data as it is collected

Click HERE and then click on the ID number for your experiment.
Do this for EACH 15-minute run.
This allows you to observe more accurately the temperatures, etc.
Plot this data in Excel
Video Cameras

Your experiment will run for 15 minutes and then automatically stop.
You can IMMEDIATELY click [START] again to string together several 15 minnute periods for a complete experiment.

Right-click on the control panel to take control or release control, if you want

See your data at http://chem.engr.utc.edu/Weblab/
search for your name to find your experiments

Or see your data here /Distillation/ and search for the date & time of your run.