Distillation control panel

UTChattanooga Distillation System

1 -- Enter your name and school in the "User Name" box
2 -- Set the reflux percent, Reboiler watts and Feed-Pump settings
3 -- Enter a brief plan of this experiment
4 -- Click [START]

Your experiment will run for 15 minutes and then automatically stop.
You can IMMEDIATELY click [START] again to string together several 15 mninute periods for a complete experiment.

Suggestion: When starting from a cold start, you can use up to 4000 watts to start heating the reboiler
and then turn it back down to what you want after the reboiler starts boiling.

Right-click on the control panel to take control or release control, if you want

See your data at http://chem.engr.utc.edu/Weblab/
search for your name to find your experiments